I'm so excited you are interested in having me capture this precious time for you & your family!  Welcoming a new little person into your family & into this big, beautiful world deserves to be documented - & what better way to remember this sweet season than with images you can look back on the rest of your life!

As with any of my other sessions, I approach newborn sessions as relaxed & naturally as I possibly can.  Some people prefer to use a lot of props (or use the baby as a prop), which I am definitely willing to try for you if you are interested in that kind of session...however I generally prefer these sessions to be more of a reminder of how things were when this little babe entered your world....how sweet, how tiny, how snuggley (that's a word, right?), & how precious he/she is to you in this very moment.  That means a lot of images of mom & dad holding your new little one together & individually (with the babe asleep or awake), & any older siblings get their turn too of course. Then I like to take a little time & get some images of just the babe - swaddled, naked, sleeping, smiling (if we're lucky), including baby feet & baby rolls too of course,  :)  Like I said, for this portion of the session we will try to get them to sleep, but that doesn't always happen...the key with newborn sessions (or really any session involving young children) is to stay flexible!  The more relaxed & flexible you are the happier you will be with your images, really & truly.  & we all know that baby is actually running the show during these sessions & if he/she doesn't want to sleep then we just have to make it work.  haha

These sessions generally take about 2 hours, sometimes longer.  Please don't feel rushed or flustered...I am not going to hurry through these, so you can rest easy that we will try to do as much your little one allows us to do.  You will more than likely need to stop & feed him/her once or twice during the session & that's totally fine.  If your baby decides to stay awake the whole time I'm there then we will just wind up with more sweet images of you all snuggling & some beautiful shots of your little one with his/her bright eyes wide open.

Here's a few ways to prep you & your babe for the session: